Athena - Tanzanite and lapis lazuli pendant / mangtikka


This spectacular and powerful one of kind tanzanite and lapis lazuli pendant / mangtikka forms part of the Athena Collection. It is handmade in 18ct yellow gold with an owl detail as the spirit animal of Goddess Athena. The owl is symbolic of wisdom, watchfulness and intuition.

Tanzanite stimulates the throat, third eye and crown chakras, uniting the higher mind with intuition and communication and is known as the "stone of transformation". Lapis lazuli is known as the "wisdom keeper". When you connect with the high frequencies of lapis lazuli it helps support to spiritual enlightenment. 

The beads are attached to a brown wax cord that has an adjustable gold slide to enable the pendant / mangtikka to be worn at the preferred length, either as a pendant or as a mangtikka when positioned over the third eye.

This is a one of a kind piece. 

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