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Etrusca hoop earrings - 18ct gold


Elegant simplicity with an ancient appeal.

These gorgeous 18ct gold earrings have been created to reflect the rustic beauty of ancient jewellery found in archaeological digs, in particular Etruscan jewellery. They are the beginning of a collection called "Etrusca". These solid gold hoop earrings are made by Australian Fine Jewellery designer Tonya Gilbett from her studio in Hobart, Australia. 

The Etrusca Collection has been designed to represent the importance of remembering the past as being part of the present. The Etruscan civilization flourished in central Italy between the 8th and 3rd century BCE. The culture was renowned in antiquity for its resources and as a major Mediterranean trading power and the jewellers from this time were among the most exceptional in recorded history. Granulation was a common feature in Etruscan jewellery a technique whereby small granules of precious metal are adhered to a surface of metal. The Etrusca solid gold earrings demonstrate the use of granulation to recreate the style used by ancient Etruscan jewellers. 

Tonya Gilbett Fine Jewellery is inspired by many things; ancient and antique jewellery, the beauty of nature, and the modern woman. Symbolism was important in the creation of many Ancient jewels and much research has been devoted to this topic. These Etrusca gold earrings takes some inspiration from minimalist design however with a deeper symbolic meaning of remembering the past as part of the present. 

The Etrusca Collection is available in silver and 18ct gold.  See some new pieces in the Etrusca Collection coming soon.

Elegant simplicity at its best, a feature of all Tonya Gilbett Fine Jewellery designs.

All jewellery created by Tonya Gilbett Fine Jewellery is carefully crafted using the highest quality materials. As our jewellery is handmade to order from our Hobart studio please allow between 1-6 weeks for the careful creation and delivery of your unique piece to anywhere in Australia, longer is required for our customers outside of Australia

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